Do you want to make excellent croissants?

… or perhaps your croissants are not as good as you would like them to be?

Confused about folding techniques? unsure about the thickness of your pastry?

… or having problems with laminated pastry products in general?

Do you want to not only understand, but fix all of your pastry making issues and ensure you make consistent, beautiful pastry time and time again?

If you want to master laminated pastry, this is the book for you! Already dubbed ‘The Lamination Bible’ by happy customers, this book takes you from simple pastry to advanced competition-level products, explaining each step in great detail. 

“The Art of Lamination”, is available in hardback, paperback and Kindle formats on www.amazon.co.uk and www.amazon.com .

What People Say

I thoroughly recommend this book by Jimmy Griffin from Ireland, who is known to be one of the best international bakers, especially in the field of lamination. I was allowed to preview the book and am thrilled. From basic techniques to high-end, for me this is the new standard book on the subject of laminated pastry! Bernd Kütcher, Director at Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk, Germany

Have downloaded the ebook already. It’s a masterpiece. I never saw a better book about laminated dough. Thomas Johann Biesewig, Steinmetz Premium Flour Brand Ambassador

My copy of Jimmy Griffin’s book , ‘The Art of Lamination’, ordered through Amazon, arrived today! What a wealth of information on the art and science of laminated pastries by Honorary Professor of Bakery and Pastry Arts, Jimmy Griffin! I think it’s the best I have come across so far!!! A must-have; and what a contribution and legacy for the industry. Judy Koh, MD, Creative Culinaire International

Congratulations, Jimmy, on this magnificent publication. We at TU Dublin School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology are honoured to have your skills, expertise and passion! Michael J O’Connor, Assistant Head, School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology, Technological University Dublin

My lamination bible! What a fantastic book. I’ve been making croissants & pain au chocolat in my bakery for several years, but, being mostly self-taught, have sometimes struggled and become utterly frustrated when things go wrong – as they can so often do with such a complex and painstaking process. I’ve lost count of the batches of dough that have ended up in the bin through tearing and melting! This brilliant book has helped me identify what mistakes I’ve been making and, crucially, understand *why* things go wrong. It’s clear, concise, thoroughly researched and an absolute mine of information for all things laminated.” Adam Newey, The Hill Bakery

I’m a young pastry cook who works with lamination on a daily basis. This book is an amazing supplement to what I’ve learned from my head pastry chef at work. Between Jimmy’s explanations of the technical side of lamination to the recipes that he shares with his readers to the detailed descriptions of the various pastries he’s made, this is probably the best book anyone could buy on lamination.” James Newman

A ‘must-have’ for anyone serious about laminated doughs! I got the book today and immediately read it cover to cover. It’s a fantastic manual on how to achieve proper lamination in a variety of circumstances with an array of doughs. The author has made even the most technical aspects easy to understand, and the photos and figures make the book a great resource.‘ Nathan Massouda

A ‘must-have’ reference! Take your croissant work to the next level. I’m carrying this book wherever I go and savoring every page. The science is well explained as are the many other details. As a Paris-trained pastry chef, I’m learning even more on this subject from Jimmy’s book. It’s also suitable for a beginning baker. Thank you for publishing this gem, sure to become a classic.” Frenchbakery

Jimmy Griffin is gifted in teaching the art of viennoiserie. He explains the different folding techniques used in each process and clearly explains the resulting eating qualities from using the various folds. He has numerous videos uploaded to YouTube which help explain his methods. I have taken lamination courses from Peter Yuen, Hans Ovando and others throughout the years. Griffin’s book is just as incredible as their courses. I highly recommend buying his book.‘ 247baker

‘If you want to improve your techniques, don’t miss this book. It’s like the bible of rolling.’ La Panadera

Just received my latest smart and delightful investment: ‘The Art of Lamination’ by the great Jimmy G. A ‘bible’ to understand the science behind the croissant! Jeff Espinas, CAP Boulangerie / Pâtisserie candidate

‘Amazing history, background, and techniques! This book covers all of it, along with multiple hints, suggestions on flavors and skills. A must for any serious baker.’

John Bickerstaff

‘Heaven-sent for anyone who wants to learn about making laminated dough … a must for anyone who wants to understand the art of making croissants! I wish I had this book when I started my croissant journey, it would have surely saved me a lot of time and grief! Worth every penny.’

Tanya P.

‘The ultimate book of croissant! I’ve been on a scavenger hunt for this kind of book for a long time. There is no other book that covers every process in the production of croissant like this. Every step of the process is explained. I’m a happy camper!”

Vrian Sevilla


To build a good house, it must first have a solid foundation! The same principles apply when making laminated pastry products. “The Art of Lamination” is built on a solid foundation of understanding the recipes, methods, processes and ingredients required to make the finest laminated viennoiserie possible. 

As an international competitor, lecturer, businessman and international jury member, I have witnessed the work of exceptional craftsmen and carefully documented their procedures and practices. In my business, I was able to try the latest, cutting-edge techniques and sell beautiful products to my customers. In my role as a lecturer at TU Dublin, I generated much new class content; I took note of the most common problems encountered by students in pastry-making, and also their questions. I identified and documented all the stages of production of laminated pastry and engaged in problem-solving for students and bakers during my masterclasses in foreign countries. In my capacity as a jury member at the world championships, I have witnessed beautiful products which are as close to perfection as is possible. Many of the more advanced products in the book have been inspired directly by my observations over the past 25 years of competitive baking, at the cutting edge of creativity. 

The result is a clearly explained roadmap: how to plan and execute perfect pastry. I explain some of the basic lamination systems used in industry with a modern twist, and take the reader through a step-by-step approach on how to become proficient at making laminated viennoiserie. 

This book will serve as an essential guide for students, bakers, pastry chefs, home bakers and hobbyists. I include detailed process notes for both commercial bakers using mechanical sheeters, and domestic bakers making laminated pastry at home. I have stripped down the procedures of laminated pastry production to the very basics, building on that knowledge and adding more advanced levels throughout the book. 

I hope my book will both educate and inspire you, the readers, now and in your future baking.