Laminated Brioche

Pastry made by Jimmy Griffin Master Baker

Laminated brioche is a very highly-enriched pastry that is made with a butter brioche dough plus the addition of 50.7% butter based on total dough weight. The pre-dough starter contains water, but the liquids in the main dough include milk, eggs, and egg yolks. The higher hydration laminated brioche pastries are popular throughout France and Europe and command a great price for the quality of ingredients and the process used. Laminated brioche can also be used to make the legendary “Cronut”™-style product, where the pastry is proofed and then float fried instead of baked. Laminated brioche can be sold in small or larger units, typically baked in a fluted brioche shape of which there are an infinite amount of sizes. Individual brioche is made similarly to pain aux raisins, rolled into a sheet, then coiled up and cut into pieces. The smaller ones are 2cm wide and weighed 60g, the larger ones are 600g, and the shape I used was 25cm wide at the top. Brioche shapes can be purchased in metal, and there are also one-use disposable cardboard ones coated with silicone. 

Pastry made by Jimmy Griffin Master Baker
Laminated brioche, raw, in a fluted shape

The laminated brioche dough should be kept chilled at all stages of the lamination process as outlined in my book by keeping the enriched dough. The lamination sequence for the small pieces is 3-4-3 or 5-4-3 for larger pieces. Laminated brioche is typically sold plain, without filling and due to the high levels of enrichment, will keep well if packaged in a re-sealable plastic bag.

Pastry made by Jimmy Griffin Master BakerPastry made by Jimmy Griffin Master Baker
Laminated Brioche Small Pieces

Full recipe and more tips are available in my book, The Art of Lamination: Advanced Technical Laminated Pastry Production.